The sky is cloudy… “No, I mean your pool!”

Cloudy pool water is a puzzle that a lot of people can't figure out. People spend tons of money at the pool store looking for a "fix all" bottle of magic (usually clarifier or floc) and unfortunately it is only a band-aid. You will continue to have cloudy water until you address the root of…
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Ready to be shocked about shock?

When you walk into a pool store there are endless supplies of "shock" from companies promising that if you use their product, then your pool will conquer the battle with algae. Super Shock, Shock Plus, Complete Shock and the names go on and on. While their product may help, rest assured it is nothing more than a…
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Strong Chlorine Smell in Your Pool?

Remember the days of going swimming and thinking of how good that chlorine smell was in your clean pool? When I was younger I always thought that a high chlorine smell was a good thing. It made me think that pool was very clean and sanitary. I loved smelling like chlorine for hours after I…
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Why Maintain Your Pool?

One of the greatest luxuries in the world is having a pool in your very own back yard. The costs of maintaining your pool will rise if not done with frequency. Therefore, things like brushing the tile or figuring out how to clean a pool filter can be tedious if you are not sure what…
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