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  1. What company is a good company for General Liability Insurance
  2. Thank You, I watch all your videos.. They are very helpful.. Im sorry for so many questions lol.. Ive worked for 2 pool companies and 1 puts the stabalizer in the skimmer and the other puts it directly in the pool.. I really dont like putting it in the pool because it takes long to dissolve and just looks ugly. What do you do when you add stab. Also here is a link to my website www.theotherguyspoolservice.com any tips i can get will be greatly appreciated
  3. I was trying to find where to post this but could not find where.. what pole do you recommend to start.. something not that expensive but reliable.
  4. Thank You, so what i took off the chemical only package because you are correct. Customer might say they will net, brush and vac but at the end they wont.. Also as to the services ive done to the pool on that particular week, ive created a file where i mark down the chems for that week , also services i provided for that week, which will help me keep everything organized. I can upload the document for anyone who needs to use this as well.
  5. Hi, i wanted to see what is everyones opinion on having 1 Package or having multiple packages. Like for instance. Having a chemical only package or having a package that includes vacuum twice a month.. That's just an example.. But i would love to see everyone's take on this
  6. Hi , My name is Edgard and i am located in Cape Coral and just started the process of starting my own service company. It's called The Other Guy's Pool Service LLC. I currently work for another company on Sanibel island. My plans are to keep working M-F with them and do my own route on saturdays. I currently havent gone full blown on the marketing since i am still putting everything together little by little. By the way I Love your videos . Any tips would be appreciated. Thank You

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