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  1. I've often thought about bringing a robot while I clean the "bad" pools. Do you have a lot of success with it? BTW, stay cool. This is the time of the year to "accidentally" fall into the pool haha.
  2. Hey bud, send me an email to erik@chlorinekingpools.com and I'll put you in contact with him.
  3. Hey bud. Thanks for the post. Contact my friend Nilson with Routely and let them know I sent you. If you join my Patreon I can help you save 10% off as well. His software does everything. Complete service reporting and also invoicing. If you're interested I can pass along his cell number.
  4. Hello there. Do you have pics of this algae? Does it look like sand? It sounds like you're describing yellow algae, and yes it can be transferred from pool to pool.
  5. SPPA (Swimming Pool Pro Alliance) - Let them know you're part of the Chlorine King Group!
  6. Great point Adam. If we make things easier for possible clients the retainment of their interest will be peaked!
  7. I've had some pretty good luck and experience with the Polaris 9650IQ. It's awesome if you have iAqualink because you can control it from the app. Pentair and Maytronics (Dolphin) are great robotic cleaners too.
  8. Thanks for joining Markko. We look forward to seeing you on the boards!
  9. It sounds like you're off to a great start. In regards to the health insurance, I don't know. I'm on my wife's plan with Marriott.
  10. Congrats on starting your business Steve! I have a couple of videos on my YouTube Channel talking about some ways to succeed in the business. If you want I can link you to them. It should give you some ideas how to make everything work. I wish you luck! If you're determined you're going to do great!
  11. Hey Bill, somehow I missed this. Yes, portable vacuum systems have been a huge changer. I still don't get how someone doesn't use them today! Pool Rx is a great product too for those problem pools!
  12. You're very welcome. That's what I'm here for
  13. Your home page is killer. It's a beautiful site. I would recommend putting more verbiage on the home page, about us (include a picture of you and some history about yourself) and also the contact us page. Google doesn't rank based off pictures, etc. They do so off of verbiage. So relate the content to your page and google should give you a boost.
  14. I'm glad the videos are helping you out! I usually put in the skimmer and make sure it's the last chemical I add, since it doesn't pass through the filter like bicarb does. You can also take a panty hose and tie it to the skimmer lid to have it slowly dissolve in the skimmer box. I'll check out your website shortly. Have a great day.
  15. I really like the power pole because it's not a cam system. It's a click system. The rubber in the cam will eventually get swollen and the pole will be hard to extend. https://pool360.poolcorp.com/p-451088-power-pole-w-lever-lock.aspx It's not the cheapest thing but will last for a very long time. I'll be doing a review on it soon!
  16. Great idea. In this industry you need to CYA (cover your butt) so no fingers can be pointed at you. I've had the documents you speak of save my butt on more than one occasion!
  17. Hey everyone! I'm excited to be here and be able to share this forum with all of you. My name is Erik and I own Chlorine King Pool Service, based out of Seminole Florida. We are a Certified Licensed Pool Contractor company so we can handle things like repairs, installations, renovations, etc. If you need anything don't hesitate to give a shout and we'll help in the best way that we can.
  18. Welcome Edgar and thanks for joining the forum! Congrats on your business! You're doing a lot of what I did when I was breaking into my own pool business. I worked a job that had me there Monday through Friday, and also Sunday. So I built my pool route on Saturday. I did this for 7 months or so before I went full time in pools. What I would do now is work HARD on your website, SEO, and get seen online while you still have an income from the other job. That way, when you do break from your current job you already have a solid foundation built and you're not trying to mess with it while you're trying to add clients to make a living. Get all the admin stuff out of the way now while you're slow. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything once you get busy. Believe me.
  19. Good question Edgar. My opinion is to keep things simple. I narrowed down my packages because it got too complicated. I couldn't remember which pool got what service, etc. Eventually you'll remember but in the mean time you'll get calls that you didn't vacuum my pool, brush my pool, etc because you had forgotten that particular pool was a full service. I've also found that lower level services aren't usually kept up by the clients. For instance, chemical only services. They often times do not actually clean the pool or filter so the pool will eventually turn. Then, you have the finger pointed at you. I offer a basic and premium. The difference is we don't vacuum with the basic. Everything else is the same. I hope this helps.
  20. Hey Quintin, Thanks for your post and nice to meet you. It depends how you look at the route purchase. Yes, you get money right away, but keep in mind you're often times fronting 10 months worth of income for each account. So after everything is all said and don't you're not really making money until 12-13 months to cover all the costs and your initial investment. If you're going to be the best in your area, I'd suggest a small purchase to keep you busy. Then let everything catch on with word of mouth. That's the route I've taken. Welcome aboard and let me know if there is anything I can do! Erik
  21. Here's a video showing you how to achieve the correct time on the easy touch. How To Set Your Time Clock On Pentair Easy Touch
  22. If you have some pics of an acid wash post them here! If you found something funny or weird (something that doesn't belong in a pool) then mention that too! This particular pool we found a lawn chair set, but the table was missing...
  23. It's crazy... the neglect haha. I don't either. I pass them off!
  24. It's so funny how they don't realize the relationship between to two. I had some interesting responses on the YT video I did about CYA. That's a nice recommendation with the adapter. With the Riptide, I bought an extra net/brush adapter so I could put one both on my net and brush. It makes changing them so easy. I think you'll like the Riptide.
  25. I agree with both of those. The riptide basically carries everything I need for one trip (huge time saver along with huge muscle saver) along with less time spent cleaning each pool. You're right about the truck wrap. I did mine as well and have gotten business from it. A pic of my truck is below. I think to add on to your post, I think a reporting system is huge. It's a great CYA tool for your company and the clients appreciate it.

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