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  1. It's so funny how they don't realize the relationship between to two. I had some interesting responses on the YT video I did about CYA. That's a nice recommendation with the adapter. With the Riptide, I bought an extra net/brush adapter so I could put one both on my net and brush. It makes changing them so easy. I think you'll like the Riptide.
  2. I agree with both of those. The riptide basically carries everything I need for one trip (huge time saver along with huge muscle saver) along with less time spent cleaning each pool. You're right about the truck wrap. I did mine as well and have gotten business from it. A pic of my truck is below. I think to add on to your post, I think a reporting system is huge. It's a great CYA tool for your company and the clients appreciate it.
  3. Great information Ali! Thanks for taking the time to post this!
  4. So got to a repair yesterday and noticed this. It's the ONLY suction line coming to the pad, it has concrete around it, partially in a brick wall and has a fernco fitting there. On top of that whoever installed the fitting put the bolt heads in between the brick wall and pipe. DOH
  5. If you found something that is unique or a safety issue, post the pics here!
  6. Did you roll up to a job and couldn't believe what you saw? If you're fixing it, take some pics and let all of us see! Yes, that is tin foil!
  7. If you service some awesome pools please post them here
  8. If you have some cool pics of a pool build or renovation, please post them here!
  9. This is a sample question for this forum, but to answer the question it's going to be circulation or phosphates. Examples of circulation would be things like a dirty filter or too short of a run time. Phosphates should be less than 200ppb (parts per billion). I hope this helps!
  10. Here are the recommended ranges for both pools and spas. These recommendations are made from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.
  11. If you have some pics of an acid wash post them here! If you found something funny or weird (something that doesn't belong in a pool) then mention that too! This particular pool we found a lawn chair set, but the table was missing...
  12. This is a sample question that you can ask in this forum. To answer the question, most people think that there is not any chlorine in the pool, but it's quite the opposite. If you have a sample turn pink when you put the drops in, and THEN it turns clear, then that means that there is a lot of chlorine in that sample and it's bleaching out. You can verify this by doing a dilution test (half fresh water/half pool water) and see if you get a chlorine reading then. If you do, multiply by two and that's your real chlorine reading. Different test kits bleach out at different readings. I hope this helps!
  13. Hey everyone! I'm excited to be here and be able to share this forum with all of you. My name is Erik and I own Chlorine King Pool Service, based out of Seminole Florida. We are a Certified Licensed Pool Contractor company so we can handle things like repairs, installations, renovations, etc. If you need anything don't hesitate to give a shout and we'll help in the best way that we can.
  14. This thread is for the worst of the worst. What have you seen? Duct tape much?

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