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  1. How's it going Mark? Glad to have you on board! I hope all is well
  2. I've often thought about bringing a robot while I clean the "bad" pools. Do you have a lot of success with it? BTW, stay cool. This is the time of the year to "accidentally" fall into the pool haha.
  3. Hey bud, send me an email to erik@chlorinekingpools.com and I'll put you in contact with him.
  4. Hey bud. Thanks for the post. Contact my friend Nilson with Routely and let them know I sent you. If you join my Patreon I can help you save 10% off as well. His software does everything. Complete service reporting and also invoicing. If you're interested I can pass along his cell number.
  5. Hello there. Do you have pics of this algae? Does it look like sand? It sounds like you're describing yellow algae, and yes it can be transferred from pool to pool.
  6. SPPA (Swimming Pool Pro Alliance) - Let them know you're part of the Chlorine King Group!
  7. Great point Adam. If we make things easier for possible clients the retainment of their interest will be peaked!
  8. I've had some pretty good luck and experience with the Polaris 9650IQ. It's awesome if you have iAqualink because you can control it from the app. Pentair and Maytronics (Dolphin) are great robotic cleaners too.
  9. Thanks for joining Markko. We look forward to seeing you on the boards!
  10. It sounds like you're off to a great start. In regards to the health insurance, I don't know. I'm on my wife's plan with Marriott.
  11. Congrats on starting your business Steve! I have a couple of videos on my YouTube Channel talking about some ways to succeed in the business. If you want I can link you to them. It should give you some ideas how to make everything work. I wish you luck! If you're determined you're going to do great!
  12. Hey Bill, somehow I missed this. Yes, portable vacuum systems have been a huge changer. I still don't get how someone doesn't use them today! Pool Rx is a great product too for those problem pools!
  13. You're very welcome. That's what I'm here for
  14. Your home page is killer. It's a beautiful site. I would recommend putting more verbiage on the home page, about us (include a picture of you and some history about yourself) and also the contact us page. Google doesn't rank based off pictures, etc. They do so off of verbiage. So relate the content to your page and google should give you a boost.
  15. I'm glad the videos are helping you out! I usually put in the skimmer and make sure it's the last chemical I add, since it doesn't pass through the filter like bicarb does. You can also take a panty hose and tie it to the skimmer lid to have it slowly dissolve in the skimmer box. I'll check out your website shortly. Have a great day.

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