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    If you are looking to build a swimming pool the most important part of it is "Pool Pump" is the heart of the pool. Types of Pool Pumps In recent years (and years to come), pool pump manufacturers have improved its capabilities. Pumps used to be a single-speed motor that pumped water from your pool through your filter system and back in. Now, pumps come in three types. All improvements on the motor: single-speed, dual-speed, and variable speed. 1. Single Speed Pumps Single-speed pumps are the most common pumps available. The motor spins the impeller at only one speed according to the horsepower of the motor. There is nothing wrong with a single speed pump, but improvements in variable speeds have made for more economical and environmental impacts to the energy your pool uses in a single day. 2. Dual Speed Pumps As the name implies, these pumps have 2 speeds: low and high. The high speed of the pump would be the same as a single speed pump. The low setting allows the pump to run at a lower speed than normal. 3. Variable Speed Pumps While these pumps are extremely popular, they are also more expensive than normal pumps, and rightfully so. Instead of a single or dual speed pump (which use induction motors), variable speed pumps use a permanent magnet motor (which are used in electric cars). This is so you can set the flow rate at any speed that best fits your pool. Less motor friction equals more efficiency. What Pool Pump is Best For My Existing Filter? There are three factors when it comes to choosing the right pump for your pool – seems to be a theme of three here in this post. The most important is the horsepower, but before we get to that, you need to know the type of housing mount and voltage you’ll need. 1. Pump Housing Mount You can choose between a top-mount or a side-mount pump. The difference is where the output of your pump is located for your filter. If the intake to your filter is located above ground pump, then you want a top-mount. Otherwise, if your filter intake is located at the same level next to your pump, you’ll opt for a side-mount. 2. Pump Motor Voltage Pumps can either be hard-wired into your electricity or require an outline, which you can plug into. It’s important to know which style your pool’s system is. You’ll also need to determine if the power going to your pump is 110 volt or 220 volts. 3. Horsepower This is the most important factor when shopping for a pool pump. You want to find the right horsepower to fit both the size of your swimming pool and your filter system. However, it’s more important that you find the right size pump to turn over the water in your swimming pool rather than try to match it to your filter.

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