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  1. APPLY CLARIFIER. The water might be shady in the wake of treating the pool for green growth. This is ordinary and ought to leave by running the channel and cleaning it after the pool has been running for 24 hours. On the off chance that darkness still holds on, keep running your channel and apply a clarifier, for example, Ultra Bright. Dark green growth is maybe the hardest green growth to dispose of. It has profound roots that can develop into the side of mortar or solid pools. It additionally has numerous layers that shield it from ordinary chlorine levels. ... A typical path for you pool to be contaminated by dark green growth is by a swimsuit that has once been in the sea. On the off chance that there isn't sufficient chlorine to murder the green growth, there is unquestionably insufficient chlorine to eliminate microscopic organisms, infections, parasites and different pathogens, which could perhaps at the same time be in the water. These can enter the body of a swimmer by means of a little skin cut, or through eyes, ears, nose and throat. Summer waves above ground pool

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