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  2. Enjoy! Jandy Hip Hop Song by Chlorine King
  3. Thanks for posting Nathan and welcome to the forum. There's several certifications for different "avenues" in the pool business. For instance, there is a pool inspector certification, stain specialist certification, advanced service technician certification, etc. Does your state require a license to do repairs? I would attend any electrical courses available to you. I hope this helps
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Nathan Goodrow, owner of Pontchartrain Pool Care out of Mandeville Louisiana (30 minutes North of New Orleans). I started my pool service business in the spring of 2017 and I'm 20 Years old so I'm relatively new to the industry and am still learning every day. I have about 30 steady clients right now. In Louisiana (as far as I'm aware) there is no certification required for residential pool maintenance so I don't have any certifications at the moment. I'm looking to increase my prices and professionalism as well as pick up some commercial accounts this coming year and was wondering what are some of the best certifications to do so. CPO is obviously a must, but are there any other certifications that helped you guys? Maybe some electrical courses? Thanks!
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  6. Hey Mark! I do see that from time to time. Are you putting in bicarb, soda ash or cal hypo? It may be some undissolved stuff sitting on the floor. If the pH is higher it can cause issues with dissolving chemicals, and colder water does the same. If it's black it's more than likely stuff coming through the screen. I've seen that a bunch. It's always a great add on service to offer birdcage power washing because it makes pool maintenance easier for us as well. Do you notice there aren't any gutters on the house? If you have a roof dumping into the pool that certainly could be it as well.
  7. Have you seen this with screened in pools? You vacuum, you clean the filter, etc... but every week there is a fine powder (sometimes black) at the bottom of screened in pools? Does the screen need to be pressure washed? Is this runoff from the roof? I'm just wondering if you have seen this and what your thoughts are. Thanks, Mark
  8. How's it going Mark? Glad to have you on board! I hope all is well
  9. Hey, looking for a place to talk about pool stuff.
  10. I've often thought about bringing a robot while I clean the "bad" pools. Do you have a lot of success with it? BTW, stay cool. This is the time of the year to "accidentally" fall into the pool haha.
  11. Taking a dip in your pool is the only exemplary way to battle with the scorching summers. However, maintaining the hygiene of the pool is a task, and you need specific tools for it. But here is something that will make this task way smoother! I personally recommend the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner is a quintessential device that can assist you in cleaning your pool without exhausting yourself.
  12. Hey bud, send me an email to erik@chlorinekingpools.com and I'll put you in contact with him.
  13. Awesome. I would love to get his number and talk to him about his software. Thanks!
  14. Hey bud. Thanks for the post. Contact my friend Nilson with Routely and let them know I sent you. If you join my Patreon I can help you save 10% off as well. His software does everything. Complete service reporting and also invoicing. If you're interested I can pass along his cell number.
  15. Right now I am searching for the best pool software to use on a daily basis for myself and techs. Anyone have experience with any of the products out there and can share the good and bad? I really want to upgrade the process to allow for more real time updates with customers (finished pool pic after service), along with the option to pay directly through a text message.
  16. Hello there. Do you have pics of this algae? Does it look like sand? It sounds like you're describing yellow algae, and yes it can be transferred from pool to pool.
  17. Hello everyone!!! My pool surface is getting some sort of brownish algae. So I asked a fellow swimmer from the club to check out the issue, she told me that algae can be transferred from the atmosphere, swimsuits or when your pets jump into your pool. I changed my swimming suits and avoided pets in the pool. But the issue still exists. I have to ask to clean the entire pool almost every three days and that is making me sick. I'm planning to consult this swimming pool repair services in Boston. What do you guys think about this? Please suggest me what to do.
  18. SPPA (Swimming Pool Pro Alliance) - Let them know you're part of the Chlorine King Group!
  19. What company is a good company for General Liability Insurance
  20. Great point Adam. If we make things easier for possible clients the retainment of their interest will be peaked!
  21. Really like the website.. Chat option is nice, but can you make the box disappear after a few seconds or have a close button on it? I found myslef trying to navigate around it and it being harder.
  22. I've had some pretty good luck and experience with the Polaris 9650IQ. It's awesome if you have iAqualink because you can control it from the app. Pentair and Maytronics (Dolphin) are great robotic cleaners too.
  23. Thanks for joining Markko. We look forward to seeing you on the boards!
  24. It sounds like you're off to a great start. In regards to the health insurance, I don't know. I'm on my wife's plan with Marriott.
  25. Hello, Although the pool season has not started yet I am planning to buy such a robotic pool cleaner https://devices4home.com/best-robotic-pool-cleaner/. Since I have no clue which one to buy I wanted to ask about some recommendations. Did you have any experience with individual brands, the selection is quite big and the price differences are huge.
  26. markko


    Hey people, Hope everyone's doing good. Thank you so much for having me here. Hope to meet new people. See you around!
  27. Thank you sir! I watched the ones on insurance, getting new customers, and a few others on the business side. I will be doing my recert for CPO and taking the AST exam this week. I got the paperwork for the LLC EIN ,info on general liability insurance, etc. The biggest hurdle is health insurance. Is there any associations or organizations here in Florida you know of, that offer group rates?
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