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  2. I agree for sure! Knowledge is power in any industry, and the pool industry is no exception.
  3. Hey Steve, thanks for the post! I had some mild success with Thumbtack, and in fact, still have the same clients I gained from them 3-4 years later. It started to seem like the leads you had to pay to contact were the same, with different names so I stopped doing that. I never gave home advisor a shot because I felt it would have been a more expensive version of that. My friend used them and was virtually a waste for him. I hope this helps
  4. I got my AST certification and it definitely helped me. It gives you a bit of insight on the business side of pools and emphasizes the customer service aspect. I think Eric would agree that if you give great customer service, the business will grow beyond expectations. Education is always the way to go.
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  6. I have been repeatedly contacted by Home Adviser and other "service hunters". Just wanted to know what your thoughts on this type of services. I have only recently started a small cleaning company with less than 20 clients on the route. I still work at a full time job, but would like to see more leads. Is this route really worth it? Thank you for all you do for the industry!
  7. Enjoy! Jandy Hip Hop Song by Chlorine King
  8. Thanks for posting Nathan and welcome to the forum. There's several certifications for different "avenues" in the pool business. For instance, there is a pool inspector certification, stain specialist certification, advanced service technician certification, etc. Does your state require a license to do repairs? I would attend any electrical courses available to you. I hope this helps
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Nathan Goodrow, owner of Pontchartrain Pool Care out of Mandeville Louisiana (30 minutes North of New Orleans). I started my pool service business in the spring of 2017 and I'm 20 Years old so I'm relatively new to the industry and am still learning every day. I have about 30 steady clients right now. In Louisiana (as far as I'm aware) there is no certification required for residential pool maintenance so I don't have any certifications at the moment. I'm looking to increase my prices and professionalism as well as pick up some commercial accounts this coming year and was wondering what are some of the best certifications to do so. CPO is obviously a must, but are there any other certifications that helped you guys? Maybe some electrical courses? Thanks!
  10. Hey Mark! I do see that from time to time. Are you putting in bicarb, soda ash or cal hypo? It may be some undissolved stuff sitting on the floor. If the pH is higher it can cause issues with dissolving chemicals, and colder water does the same. If it's black it's more than likely stuff coming through the screen. I've seen that a bunch. It's always a great add on service to offer birdcage power washing because it makes pool maintenance easier for us as well. Do you notice there aren't any gutters on the house? If you have a roof dumping into the pool that certainly could be it as well.
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