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    • I had a similar one like this but a picnic table & umbrella were in it.  Almost like an In n out patio table. Even a bag of cement.  I actually don’t do these kinds of swamps anymore 🤮
    • Two big game changers for me were the Pool Rx & a PowerVac.  15 years in the biz & 2018 was first year for PowerVac & about 3-4 years ago started using the Pool Rx.  👍
    • It's so funny how they don't realize the relationship between to two. I had some interesting responses on the YT video I did about CYA. That's a nice recommendation with the adapter. With the Riptide, I bought an extra net/brush adapter so I could put one both on my net and brush. It makes changing them so easy. I think you'll like the Riptide. 
    • For me it has to be the Taylor test kits. I spent a good 10 years using OTO tests and my pools always managed to get algae. Now with the 2006C, I am able to do proper titration tests that give me the exact chlorine level. You would also be very surprised how many pool services there are that have no concept of the FC and CYA relationship. I get guys that tell me, they keep their CYA at 100 but still keep their chlorine at the county standard, which is 1-3 PPM. So they are constantly buying algae kill which adds copper to the pool, over and over again, which leads to staining. I can't tell you how many times I have said, if your CYA is 100 you need a FC level of 10ppm or higher. I get a lot of weird looks. I plan on getting a riptide soon, so I'll definitely be finding out for my self just how much of a game changer it is. Also. As a pool tech, I would often get frustrated with exchanging my brush and net all the time due to having to re-adjust my pole. So I bought a pole adapter that eliminated having to adjust the pole every time. A small recommendation but a big one for me. You could also use one to mount the riptide pole coupler to it as well, so you can detach it when ever you want. You can find them on ebay for pretty cheap.
    • I agree with both of those. The riptide basically carries everything I need for one trip (huge time saver along with huge muscle saver) along with less time spent cleaning each pool. You're right about the truck wrap. I did mine as well and have gotten business from it. A pic of my truck is below. I think to add on to your post, I think a reporting system is huge. It's a great CYA tool for your company and the clients appreciate it. 
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