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Learn about the difference in various types of pool filters!

Product Review: Aqua Comb Cartridge Cleaner

This is a must have tool if you own a cartridge filter and here's why. Remember the days of cleaning your filter element by removing it, sticking your thumb on the end of the garden hose and trying your very best to get your cartridge clean? Yea, I do to. However, there is a tool…
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The importance of correctly sized filtration equipment!

In order to keep your pool consistently clean and clear it's imperative to have the correct size pool equipment. If something is not the correct size it could hinder the ability for the pool to stay clean and clear. Here's a few examples out on my route. Both of these pool's have issues. One particular…
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My pool turned green AFTER adding chlorine. Why is that?

I've noticed this a lot on estimates. So much so it's probably the most puzzling thing to people. They are perplexed why their pool turns green after adding a bunch of chlorine to the water. I'll touch on a few reasons for why this happens. In fact the featured photo is a client's pool that had…
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Costs of monthly service. Is cheaper better?

This post is inspired completely by a new client I have acquired this past weekend. I received a call from a client who was incredibly frustrated with her current company. She wanted me to come out and look at her pool because it's been green all summer, and she's been paying for their service! I came out…
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